Headquarters: London, UK Founded: 2004 Founded by: Tim & Toby Link:

Genre(s): Indie

Active RosterEdit

Foals The Shins Burning Pilot The Young Knives

Inactive RosterEdit

Ladyfuzz Larrikin Love

Key ReleasesEdit

Regina Spektor - Mary Ann meets the Grave Diggers The Young Knives - Voices of Animals and Men Covermount CD for British music magazine NME.


Toby was putting on a Bloc Party gig at the Buffalo Bar (Regina Spektor was headlining) for his Basement club.

Tim had recently released the first Bloc Party single (She’s Hearing Voices) on his first label that he ran with his band mate… (they followed it up with The Rakes 22 Grand Job then split…) and was selling said 7” at the gig.

Tim was impressed that a 20 year old was putting on such a great gig.

Toby was impressed that a 20 year old was putting out such a great record.

So they decided that they should become best friends and form a label that was ethically sound and would release the best records in the world.

It would be a label not linked to a style or genre, but one which would be represented by a logo that would be simply a stamp of quality on each perfect disk.

After a couple of pints in a Holborn boozer (not too far away from where Andy Gill would later record the classic debut LP from the Young Knives – although neither of the Trans twins knew it at the time) they had planned the first three releases and strove to grow the label to the stage where they could fund and make records that otherwise would not be released, and build a community of like minded people who could realise that anything is possible…

The first slab of aural genius was from their favourite live band: The Subways. The rest is history… please check our discography to see where we went from there, and how you can listen some of the most vital music we’ve ever heard… We hope you agree.

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