Artist: Tenacious D

Album: Tenacious D

Appears On (Mixes): The College Chronicles, Part One, Wally's Novelty Mix: She Yo-Yos Me and I Yo-Yo Her Back

Song Notes: The College Chronicles, Part One:

Wally's Novelty Mix: She Yo-Yos Me and I Yo-Yo Her Back: Tenacious D is a joke band, but they're a great joke band. One of my best friends always says that he likes them because "The world needs a novelty Ween". And I'm inclined to agree. This is from the self-titled (and currently only) album, and was taken from their HBO miniseries. It was kind of considered a spinoff of the great sketch-comedy show Mr. Show With Bob & David, even though the D never actually appeared on that show (although Bob & David produced the show and the members of Tenacious D, especially Jack Black, the actor, appeared in the show as occasional performers, but never as the band). They're often foul-mouthed, but they make up for it by being pretty funny and pretty good musicians. They do have a movie coming out, The Pick of Destiny, and there'll probably be a tie-in record for that, probably a soundtrack, I would assume. Anyway, though, that'll be great, and I"m really excited for it. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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