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Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Rutherford, NJ

Website Link(s): "Official Current Website"




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Trigamy's sound is a blend of rigid,poweful guitar riffs, with double bass and blast patterns, added with high and low growling/screaming. They are heavily influenced by speed , thrash, and grindcore elements. Using pinch harmonic screeches and quick double bass patterns, Trigamy is able to produce a sense of thrash metal, that also stays true to some grindcore elements. They can be somewhat compared to bands such as Darkest Hour and Bring Me The Horizon, although they do not extremely resemble them.

Trigamy was officially started in December 2004, after the members of the band, decided to leave this project as a 3-piece band, hence the name Trigamy. After many months of hard work and dedication, the band has finally finished their first 5 song Demo, called My Final Hour, which will be released in January-February of 2006.

Trigamy,at the moment, is not signed to any record label, and are searching for many labels that might take interest in them.





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