Tuck Metal is a duo composed of 21 Gunz lyricists GAZA (who performs under ARK-One) and Uriah Crook (who performs under BUCKLE-One).


GAZA and Uriah met in 2004, without knowing that the other emceed. It wasn't until the formation of KB Recordz did they know about each other lyrically. Despite this, they wouldn't be featured together until 2008 with Set Me Free (with Uriah Crook's verse cut from the "album version"). The duo was slated to release a collaboration in 2010, but a falling out caused their hiatus and subsequently a departure. In the 2 years that passed, both GAZA and Uriah hung on to their friendship which went from a distant to an all out feud, with threats of confrontation coming from both parties. Eventually in early 2011, they both squashed the beef and reformed Tuck Metal. Uriah went on to propose a 6 song EP, to which GAZA agreed to later on. In the meantime, GAZA is featured on both the Get Diamonds Remix and She Plays A Street Life off Uriah Crook's Shaman Harvest and Uriah on GAZA's Blessing In Disguise off All I Ever Wanted. It was recently announced that the duo would be on the 21 Gunz remix to Uriah's High Avenue (with a new verse from Uriah and an additional verse by Infamy). After internal and physical disputes between GAZA and Uriah, they both stated that "everything is all love", confirming their much anticipated release The Full Metal Alchemy EP for 2012. Uriah also appears on GAZA's Footsteps (Remix).


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