Turn It On Again: The Hits is a greatest hits collection by British progressive rock/pop-rock band Genesis. The album was first released as a single album on 26 October 1999  by Virgin Records in England and by Atlantic Records in the United States.

In 2007, an expanded two-disc edition, subtitled The Tour Edition, was released to promote the Turn It on Again reunion tour. All of the tracks, except for "The Carpet Crawlers 1999," were remixed by Nick Davis. In addition, the album features more songs from every album in the band's catalogue (minus the live albums and From Genesis to Revelation). Besides 2CD version, the 2CD + 2DVD version was issued, which included The Video Show DVD and When in Rome DVD.


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Album profile[edit]Edit

All of the songs on the compilation feature the long-lasting Banks-Collins-Rutherford lineup of Genesis, with the exception of "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" and "The Carpet Crawlers 1999", which feature the Banks-Collins-Gabriel-Hackett-Rutherford lineup, and "Congo", which features the Banks-Rutherford-Wilson lineup.

Upon its release, Turn It On Again: The Hits reached #4 on the UK Albums Chart and #65 on the Billboard 200 (US) albums chart, where it achieved gold record status.

In 2007, the compilation was re-released as a 2-CD set with bonus tracks for the new tour of the group. The project was again extremely successful, re-entering the charts at #14 and the following week climbing to #5. The 2-disc version was released in the US on 11 September replacing The Platinum Collection.

The seven letters of the Genesis logo on the cover are parts of the different album cover logos over the years. They are as follows:

The band's official website has taken to using a similar format for its homepage; when the mouse is moved over each letter, the picture changes.

Track listing[edit]Edit

Original album[edit]Edit

All songs by Tony BanksPhil Collins and Mike Rutherford, except where indicated.

  1. "Turn It On Again" – 3:50 (Duke, 1980)
  2. "Invisible Touch" – 3:27 (Invisible Touch, 1986)
  3. "Mama" (Radio edit) – 5:19 (Genesis, 1983)
  4. "Land of Confusion" – 4:45 (Invisible Touch, 1986)
  5. "I Can't Dance" – 4:00 (We Can't Dance, 1991)
  6. "Follow You Follow Me" – 3:59 (...And Then There Were Three..., 1978)
  7. "Hold on My Heart" – 4:38 (We Can't Dance, 1991 (album)/1992 (single))
  8. "Abacab" (Single version) – 4:10 (Abacab, 1981)
  9. "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" (Banks, Collins, Peter GabrielSteve Hackett, Rutherford) – 4:05 (Selling England by the Pound, 1973)
  10. "No Son of Mine" (Edit) – 5:44 (We Can't Dance, 1991)
  11. "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" (New edit of single version) – 4:28 (Invisible Touch, 1986 (album)/1987 (single))
  12. "In Too Deep" – 4:57 (Invisible Touch, 1986 (album)/1987 (single))
  13. "Congo" (Banks, Rutherford) (Single version) – 4:03 (...Calling All Stations..., 1997)
  14. "Jesus He Knows Me" (Single mix) – 4:16 (We Can't Dance, 1991 (album)/1992 (single))
  15. "That's All" – 4:25 (Genesis, 1983)
  16. "Misunderstanding" (Collins) – 3:15 (Duke, 1980)
  17. "Throwing It All Away" – 3:49 (Invisible Touch, 1986)
  18. "The Carpet Crawlers 1999" (Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett, Rutherford) – 5:39 (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, 1974); re-recording of the 1974 composition with the original performers

The Tour Edition[edit]Edit

Disc 1[edit]Edit

  1. "Turn It on Again" (from Duke)
  2. "No Son of Mine" single, edited version (from We Can't Dance)
  3. "I Can't Dance" (from We Can't Dance)
  4. "Hold on My Heart" (from We Can't Dance)
  5. "Jesus He Knows Me" (from We Can't Dance)
  6. "Tell Me Why" (from We Can't Dance, 1991 (album)/1993 (single)) - 4:58
  7. "Invisible Touch" (from Invisible Touch)
  8. "Land of Confusion" (from Invisible Touch)
  9. "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" single, edited version (from Invisible Touch)
  10. "In Too Deep" (from Invisible Touch)
  11. "Throwing It All Away" (from Invisible Touch)
  12. "Mama" single, edited version (from Genesis)
  13. "That's All" (from Genesis)
  14. "Illegal Alien" (from Genesis, 1983 (album)/1984 (single)) – 5:16
  15. "Abacab" single, edited version (from Abacab)
  16. "No Reply at All" (from Abacab) - 4:40
  17. "The Carpet Crawlers 1999" (original version from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)

Disc 2[edit]Edit

  1. "Paperlate" (from 3 X 3 (EP), 1982) – 3:25
  2. "Keep It Dark" (from Abacab) – 4:32
  3. "Man on the Corner" (Collins) (from Abacab, 1981 (album)/1982 (single)) – 4:27
  4. "Duchesssingle, edited version (from Duke) – 4:21
  5. "Misunderstanding" (Collins) (from Duke)
  6. "Follow You, Follow Me" (from ...And Then There Were Three...)
  7. "Many Too Many" (Banks) (from ...And Then There Were Three...) – 3:31
  8. "Your Own Special Way" (Rutherford) (from Wind & Wuthering, 1976) – 6:18
  9. "Afterglow" (Banks) (from Wind & Wuthering, 1976) – 4:11
  10. "Pigeons" (from Spot the Pigeon (EP), 1977) – 3:15
  11. "Inside and Out" (Banks, Collins, Hackett, Rutherford) (from Spot the Pigeon (EP), 1977) – 6:48
  12. "A Trick of the Tail" (Banks) (from A Trick of the Tail, 1976) – 4:34
  13. "Counting Out Time" (Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett, Rutherford) (from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway) – 3:40
  14. "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" (Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett, Rutherford) (from Selling England by the Pound)
  15. "Happy the Man" (Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett, Rutherford) (from "Happy The Man"/"Seven Stones" - single, 1971 (recorded)/1972 (released)) - 3:10
  16. "The Knife (Part 1)" (Banks, Gabriel, Anthony Phillips, Rutherford) single, edited version (from Trespass, 1970 (album)/1971 (single)) - 3:14
  17. "Congo" (Banks, Rutherford) single, edited version (from ...Calling All Stations...)


  1. The Video Show DVD (2004, 2DVD)


  1. When In Rome DVD (2007, 2DVD + Documentary "Come Rain Or Shine")


Additional personnel



Chart (1999) Peak


Austria Top 75 Albums[3] 10
Belgium (Vlanders) Top 100 Albums[4] 24
Belgium (Wallonia) Top 100 Albums[5] 26
Canadian Top 100 CDs[6] 28
German Longplay Chart[7] 1
New Zealand Top 40 Albums[8] 15
Norway Top 40 Albums[9] 1
Sweden Top 60 Albums[10] 15
UK Albums Chart[11] 4
US Billboard200[12] 65
Chart (2003) Peak


Netherlands Top 100 Albums[13] 9

End of year charts[edit]Edit

Year Country Chart Rank
2007 Germany IFPI #97[14]

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