Tusk is a single release by Fleetwood Mac. This is the first single from their album Tusk.


The single was recorded live at the Dodger Stadium (without an audience) in Los Angeles, California in collaboration with the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band. The concert was also filmed for thevideo clip on the track. John McVie was during the shooting in Tahiti and so could not be present. Out of necessity was a cardboard version of him by Mick Fleetwood carried and placed between the other band members later.

The number of musicians that worked on the single was at the time unique. Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood offered the Trojan Marching Band to the Platinum plate on 4 October 1980 during a game in Dodger Stadium, this time for a full stand.


Country Peak
Flag of Austria Austria 6[1]
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Flanders) 26[1]
Flag of Germany Germany 7[1]
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 10[1]
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 4[1]
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 6[2]
Flag of the United States United States 8[3]

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