Artist: Darediablo

Date Released: March 22, 2005 (recorded 2004)

Label: Southern

Produced By:


  1. Twenty Paces
  2. Apache Chicken
  3. Batte Down the Hatches
  4. Roster of Evil
  5. The Bells of Goliad
  6. Billy Got Worse
  7. The Sidekick
  8. Papier Mache Miracle
  9. Nife Fite on Wife Nite
  10. Lonely is the Stranger in the Rainbow in the Heat of the Still of the Night
  11. French Exit


It is truly amazing the sound that these three NYC kids make with their limited number of hands. Every song on here sounds like it was made by a 5-piece band, but I guess that is what stands Darediablo apart from all of the other instrumental bands out there today. Made up of Jake Garcia (guitar/bass), Matt Holford (Hammond/assorted keyboards) and Chad Royce (drums), the trio draws influences everywhere from the 1950s “organ trio” to the 1970s cock-rock to modern instrumental metal and math-rock bands. In their 6 years of being a band, they are coming close to perfecting the raw groove of live instrumentation while everyone else is glued to their laptops and the bleeps it produces. This is definitely a breath of fresh air to hear the imperfections of human error and energy of three frustrated musicians belting out their emotions on their respected instruments. Mpardaiolo