Twisted Sister was formed in december 1972 to Long Island, New York and is one of the first American hair metal-bands in the world. They are known for the hits "I wanna rock" and "we're not gonna take it" (later used in the film 'Iron Eagle' in 1986), both from the LP ' Stay Hungry '.


[hide]*1 Band members

Band Members[Edit]Edit

  • Dee Snider – lead vocals (15-03-1955)
  • Jay Jay French-rhythm guitar (20-07-1952)
  • Eddy ' Fingers "Ojeda-lead guitar (05-08-1955)
  • Mark ' The animal ' Mendoza "bass (05-08-1955)
  • A. j. Pero – Drums (14-10-1959)

The singer Dee Snider joined the band in 1976 comes.


The band plays primarily in bars and clubs. They do not want to adopt the extravagant act as background music, glamrock style and bring heavy, in the listener songs. This causes the part of the public in the beginning for confusion about the musical direction of the band. Not long, because early 80 's they win in popularity by their rugged performances and video clips, which I Wanna Rock most notably eggplants.

At the end of the 80 's, the group apart, the singer Dee Snider will undergo a surgery on his vocal cords and forms the band Desperado. After many different musical adventures is in 2002 the Group Twisted Sister and Dee Snider brought back together.

Performances in Netherlands and Belgium[Edit]Edit




  • 1979-I'll Never Grow Up Now (single)
  • 1980-Bad Boys Of Rock & Roll (single)
  • 1981-Rough Cutts (EP)
  • 1982-Under the blade
  • 1983-You can't stop Rock 'n' Roll
  • 1984-Stay Hungry
  • 1984-Live at Hammersmith (live)
  • 1985-Come out and play
  • 1985-Under the blade (remix)
  • 1987-Love is for suckers
  • 1992-Big hits and nasty cuts (compilation)
  • 1999-Club Daze 1: The Studio Sessions (compilation)
  • 2001-Club Daze 2: Live in the bars (live compilation)
  • 2002-The Essentials
  • 2004-Still Hungry
  • 2005-Live at Wacken: The Reunion (live)
  • 2006-A Twisted Christmas


  • 1984-Stay Hungry
  • 1985-Come out and play

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