Two Moons
{{{Type}}} by Exo (feat. Key)
Album Mama
Released Template:Start date
Recorded 2011 at S.M. Studios
Genre Hip hop, dubstep
Length Template:Duration
Label S.M. Entertainment
Producer Lee Soo-man

"Two Moons" (Hangul: 두개의 달이 뜨는 밤 dugaeui dal-i tteuneun bam; simplified Chinese: 双月之夜 Shuāng yuè zhī yè; traditional Chinese: 雙月之夜) is a hip hop-dubstep song performed by South Korean-Chinese boy bands Exo-K and Exo-M, and features Key of Shinee. Available in both Korean and Mandarin, the song was included in their first min-album Mama which was digitally released on April 9, 2012 under the record label of S.M. Entertainment.


The song is of hip hop-rap-dubstep genre, and is composed and arranged by music producers Albi Albertsson and Yim Kwang-wook.[1] This was Yim Kwang-wook's debut collaboration with S.M. Entertainment. Later, he worked with f(x) on the piece "Beautiful Stranger" from their second mini-album Electric Shock, and with TVXQ on "Destiny" from their sixth Korean studio album Catch Me. Kwang-wook also collaborated with Girls' Generation on the song "Baby Maybe" from their fourth Korean studio album I Got A Boy. All these songs were well-received and charted in top 100 of Gaon Chart.[2] Albi Albertsson made his debut in K-pop industry by composing "Two Moons" and "Machine" from Exo's first mini-album.[3] S.M. Entertainment's long time associate and resident lyricist, Misfit, penned the lyrics of Korean version of "Two Moons". She also helped Chinese songwriter T-Crash to write the lyrics for the Chinese version.[4]


The song was used as the background music for one of Exo's debut teasers which featured a vigorous dance by members Kai and Lay. The video was uploaded on S.M. Entertainment's official YouTube channel on January 7, 2012.[5] The Korean version of "Two Moons" was performed by Chanyeol and Kris during Exo's debut showcase concert held in Seoul's Olympic Stadium on March 31, 2012.[6] The Chinese version of "Two Moons" was performed by Chanyeol and Kris on Chinese music show Happy Camp on July 3, 2012. The song was also staged along with "History" and "Mama" on the end-year episode of Chinese music show Jiangsu Countdown on December 21, 2012.[7]


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