Tyler Williams AKA Problem is an underground lyricist born in Miami, FL. He is also a bassist.


Tyler Williams was born in Florida and moved from Miami to Jacksonville. He is known for incorporating a street visual image in his lyrics. Upon staying there for 14 years, he moved to Charleston, SC where he met good friend & business partner GAZA and many others like Kapital K, Harizzy, Bristol Crook & Infamy. Tyler put guitar on hiatus to focus on rap and other ventures, however he has since returned.


Tyler Willams was penning his debut Thug Poetry and various projects such as the unreleased Cant Nobody which was to feature GAZA, Infamy and Kapital K. He also co-founded the skate team GBB.


Tyler is expecting to drop Thug Poetry in August. The single If She Knew was released on July 9th featuring GAZA and Infamy. He has also been featured on various Oneric Digital tracks. When the talks of an underground rap draft was being held, Problem and Cross were selected as definite candidates, which ultimately led to the short-lived Justus League. Currently Problem is getting ready to release Thug Poetry and is working on features, mostly with BiGG T and GAZA. It was announced in 2011 that Problem would be featured on GAZA's The Day Willie Lynch Dropped the Mic project, reuniting the Segregated duo.


Albums (Solo)Edit

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