"U Drive Me Crazy" is the first single taken from American boyband 'N Sync's seasonal studio album, The Winter Album. They took the five tracks recorded exclusively for the British and American editions of their debut album, and seven tracks from Home For Christmas, and packaged them together with a short interlude, "Family Affair," to create The Winter Album, made exclusively for release in Germany. The album was preceded by the lead single, "U Drive Me Crazy". The single was released in Germany only, peaking at #30 on the German Singles Chart.


 [hide*1 Track listings

Track listings[edit]Edit

  1. "U Drive Me Crazy" (radio edit) – 3:34
  2. "U Drive Me Crazy" (extended version) – 4:40
  3. "U Drive Me Crazy" (2-4 Family 7" Remix) – 3:24
  4. "U Drive Me Crazy" (Trime'n Delgado 12" Remix) – 5:33

Music video[edit]Edit

The video starts with a montage reminiscent of the opening of a TV sitcom. The boys are in their apartment doing ordinary things, and as the frame freezes on each of them, their name is displayed—Justin is making a sandwich, Lance is makingpapier-mâché, JC is playing the guitar, Joey is reading "Girlymag" and Chris is trying to get his dog to pull him on his wagon. Lance sees an advertisement that Johnny Correcto, a famous producer, is looking for a new star. The boys get excited and drive to the audition where they get turned around at the reception desk. Outside and dejected, they see a girl with a bouquet of flowers and come up with a plan. They return dressed as a hair band and while Justin distracts the receptionist with the flowers, the rest sneak in and play for Johnny before getting kicked out. (One member is dressed as Slash and another appears to be Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses. The rest of the members appear to be dressed as Twisted Sister.)

In the rest of the video, they are able to figure out where Johnny is and attempt to play for him but are always rejected by the producer and the audience present. They show up to a dinner for international dignitaries and play as The Jackson 5. They show up at a pool party dressed as the Spice Girls. They also appear as rappers. Finally, at the end, they dance as themselves, with much applause and cheering from the audience. Johnny shows up with a contract for them.


Chart (1998) Peak


German Singles Chart 30
Swiss Singles Chart 29

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