Artist: Jill Sobule

Album: Underdog Victorious

Appears On (Mixes): Plastic Music Exchange 2006 - Rev. DOG.; Happy Birthday Dad; Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: Plastic Music Exchange 2006 - Rev. DOG.; Happy Birthday Dad: This is from Jill Sobule's most recent (I think) album, Underdog Victorious, and it's a really outstanding pop song. The entire record is good, actually, but this is the best cut, I think. At least one of them. It's a cool story, too, about a kid who's picked on and not letting it get to him and making something of himself, at least in his own mind. It's a really cool one, and it's got some awesome "la la la"s. -Rev. Syung Myung Me

Revme.Vox.Com: This is an absolutely gorgeous song from Jill Sobule's most recent album, Underdog Victorious. In fact, you can tell it's from that album, because it's the title track. (Warning: This does not always work. For example, "Love Is Dead" by the Mr. T Experience is not on Love Is Dead, and "Imperial Bedroom" by Elvis Costello only appeared on Imperial Bedroom as a bonus track, and was written after the record came out.) It's a lovely little song about a kid who was picked on finding his own way and becoming someone who's done all right for hisself. Bit of name checking in there, of the New York Dolls and the famous venue Max's Kansas City. And it's got the great "la la la la" bit. And I love the chorus, too—it's just a really great song all around. If I ever do the whole band thing, it's near the top of the list of songs to learn and play a lot. Jill's immensely talented and this is one of her brilliant character studies. Bobby Trucks rules.

(also for some reason, it's been deciding not to keep the artwork from the mp3s. It's there in the file, but it won't post it. Wiggy.)

ALSO: It isn't entirely set up yet, but dig the TODCRA vox blog. It's going to actually be podcasting the Untitled TODCRA Productions Project radio series in its entirity pretty soon, along with possible other auditory stuff from TODCRA Productions! So, be sure to check that totally out. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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