07.1 Unfortunate Before & After

Unfortunate: Before & After is the fourth full-length album of Ambient music artist The Silent Boy that was release through Bandcamp on May 3, 2014. It is also the first installment in The Dreamland Chronicles. It built upon the structure found in The Tragic Life Of The Tree Children , but had more oceanic sounds, keeping the overall ambient sound as previous releases. This album's themes are first love, revelation, and forgiveness. An EP, Unfortunate: The Syrens' Songs, was released along-side the album on the same day.

Track ListingEdit

(All songs were composed, produced, mixed, and recorded by Azrael Belford)


1. "Found" (05:58)

 2. "Bodies" (04:22)

 3. "Within" (03:33)

 4. "Innamorato" (05:10)


  5. "Interflow" (10:28)

After  Edit

  6. "Démis" (05:01)

  7. "Apart" (06:14)

  8. "Release (to Philip)" (04:06)

  9. "Lost" (05:01)

(Total Time - 49:53)

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