"United States of Whatever" is a song by solo musicain Liam Lynch. It was originally recorded in one take during 1999 and made its first appearance on an episode of his television project The Sifl & Olly Show. It is Liam's most populare song and to this day it is still known and recognized.


The song was improvised and was recorded in only one take back in 1999 at Liam's home studio. The song is in a basic Punk Rock structure were every verse is spoken word. In the song, Liam is approached by many people, including a girl at a pool hall, a thug, and a police officer. Every "conversation" ends with Liam shouting "Whatever!". The only person who is not dissed is Zafo, a character from The Sifl & Olly Show.


The song made its debut on an episode of The Sifl & Olly Show. In the episode, Olly, a character voiced by Liam Lynch, is bummed out by the fact that most of his ex-girlfriends hate him, so he sings the song. The song was eventually released as a single, with only 1,000 copies made. The single was sold through the Sifl & Olly website, and most of the people who got it ussually burned it on a blank CD to give to there friends. Eventually, a burned copy was handed to a British radio DJ, who enjoyed the song very much and used it on the radio station. Eventually the song was released as a single again, so other stations played it, too.

The song was released on two of Liam's albums. In 2000, the song was a closing track for Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco's comedy album History of America?. But it's most well-known appearance is from Liam's third solo album, Fake Songs.

Music VideoEdit

File:Unitedstatesof5 200.jpg
File:"United States of Whatever" - Liam Lynch

United States of Whatever features Liam mimicking the lyrics from the song as he dismisses people he should not ignore for his own well-being. The character Zafo from Sifl and Olly is spared the disparaging remark.


Many critics have praised the song for its humor and take on the American youth. Back in 2002, when the song was officially released, it had a lot of radio AirPlay. It made it to #9 on UK charts. In a edition of the Guinnes Book of World Records, the song was mentioned and recieved the record for "shortest song to be on top ten charts".

The song has been played live afew times. In an episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, Liam played the song with members of No Doubt. The Foo Fighters also played the song live with him. The song is also considered as an "Internet meme" to some, due to parodies and flash cartoons of it popping up on the Internet every once in a while. An example is the Eddsworld cartoon, where Tord, a character, sings the extended version of the song.

Track ListingEdit

All tracks writen by Liam Lynch

  1. "United States of Whatever"
  2. "United States of Whatever" (Extended version)
  3. "Sir Track"

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