File:Unpretty3 200.jpg
File:Unpretty - TLC

Unpretty features vignettes of several different stories relating to the song's lyrics. The main set of vignettes features a young woman (portrayed by Thomas) whose boyfriend convinces her to get breast implants to augment her small bust. However, after she sees another patient in the hospital (cameo by Jade Valerie) getting her implants painfully removed, the woman flees the hospital in fear.

Another prominent set of vignettes features Lopes as an inner-city woman who witnesses a gang fight and a murder. Lopes appears in the performance shots reciting the song lyrics in sign language.

Other vignettes feature a full-figured teenager worried about fitting the "ideal" image of the petite supermodel and struggling with a bulimia as a result. One last set of vignettes features Watkins as a high school student who is harassed by two white males because she is black.

This is the last video released in the US featuring all three members of TLC before the death of Lisa Lopes. The music video for this song cost over $1.6 million making it one of the most expensive music videos ever made.

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