File:Unsent6 200.jpg
File:"Unsent" - Alanis Morissette

Unsent contains subtitles portraying everything that the characters are saying. It opens with "Matthew" playing the guitar to Morissette, who feels she's bothering him and says she should leave. He says she should, but in a kind way. Alanis looks happy, but uncomfortable and leaves.

The second act shows Morissette, with curly hair, sitting with "Jonathan" at a bar, asking if she could come to wherever he is going the next day. She's concerned girls are coming to the trip too. He says she can, but doesn't look too interested.

The third act shows Alanis and "Terrance" by the lake, having a conversation about whether he is coming to visit her, to which he responds jokingly that he's "too busy". They laugh and look really happy.

"Marcus" is the fourth to be shown. They kiss on a sofa, and he says he is very proud of Alanis. "What for?" she replies, and he says "[to be] open to testing different waters at the same time". Morissette looks confused, awkward, and sad.

The last scene shows Morissette entering a car driven by "Lou". They say "hi" to one another, but the only other dialogue is when Lou says "What are you thinking?" at the very end of the video.

A 10 minute movie of the video is available with no music and no subtitles, but you can hear the actors speak this time. It shows extended footage of all five stories.

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