Artist: Masha Qrella

Date Released: March 8, 2005

Label: Morr Music

Produced By:


  1. Unsolved Remain
  2. Last Night
  3. Sister, Welcome
  4. I Can't Tell
  5. C. Bones
  6. No Matter
  7. Feels Like
  8. Everything Shows
  9. Destination Vertical
  10. Guided by the Stripes
  11. My Day


Morr Music is at it again; the label that brought you the foreign electro-pop of The Notwist, The Go Find and Lali Puna return with their newest German sweetheart, Masha Qrella. As a member of instrumental rock outfits Contriva and Mina, Qrella honed her skills on the guitar, bass and keyboards along with other electronic gadgets. What her fellow band mates did not realize was that she was sneaking away after the shows and instead of partying, she was tucked away in her room composing the elegant Unsolved Remained. Centering her songs on her delicate voice and rhythmic acoustic percussion, Qrella was able to experiment with a number of electronic noises and acoustic loops to create an enticing sonic atmosphere. She comes off as an electric cross between singer/songwriter Mia Doi Todd and Adem, a band that is acoustically melancholy and experimental with their instruments. This an extremely soothing album that is just raw enough to not be overproduced yet no where close to lo-fi. It’s another successful electro-pop outing for the Berlin music scene and Morr Music. Mpardaiolo

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