Up In The Attic
Studio album by Alien Ant Farm
Released May 30, 2006 (Online)
July 18, 2006 (retail)
July 17, 2006 (UK)
Recorded 2004-2005
Genre Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Post-Grunge
Length 53:58
Language English
Label Universal
Producer Jim Wirt
Alien Ant Farm chronology
3rd Draft
Up In The Attic
20th Century Masters: Alien Ant Farm
Up In The Attic is the third major label studio album by Alien Ant Farm. It was originally released in 2005 as a bootleg entitled "3rd Draft". By the time the band finally were signed on Universal, they had to rename it in order for them to sell it. "Up In The Attic" is exactly identical to "3rd Draft" exept for different artwork and a new track named "Forgive and Forget". "Forgive And Forget" was released as a radio promo, but had little Airplay.

Music VideosEdit

Three videos from this album were made, one for "Forgive and Forget", "Around The Block", and "She's Only Evil". All of them were released on the DVD "BUSted" and "Around The Block" and "She's Only Evil" were both released on iTunes and Vevo. All of the videos feature only Dryden and Mike.

Track listingEdit

  1. Bad Morning
  2. Forgive and Forget
  3. What I Feel Is Mine
  4. It Could Happen
  5. Around The Block
  6. San Sabastion
  7. Lord Knows
  8. Getting Closer
  9. Crickets
  10. Supreme Lifestyle
  11. Consti2ion
  12. State Of Emergency
  13. Sleepwalker
  14. She's Only Evil (Including 2 hidden tracks, "Beehive" and "Album End", known as "Tragidy" and "Say Something" on 3rd Draft)

Best Buy ReleaseEdit

15. Repeat Deffender

Target ReleaseEdit

15. Smooth Criminal (Live)
16. Bad Morning (Acoustic)
17. Sleepwalker (Acoustic)


Alien Ant Farm is-

  • Dryden Mitchell - Vocals
  • Joe Hill - Guitar
  • Tye Zamora - Bass
  • Mike Cosgrove - Drums

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