Artist: Porcupine Tree

Date Released: May, 1993

Label: Delerium

Produced By: Steven Wilson


  1. What You Are Listening To... (0:58)
  2. Synesthesia (5:11)
  3. Monuments Burn Into Moments (0:20)
  4. Always Never (6:58)
  5. Up The Downstair (10:03)
  6. Not Beautiful Anymore (3:26)
  7. Siren (0:52)
  8. Small Fish (2:43)
  9. Burning Sky (11:06)
  10. Fadeaway (6:19)

2004 Remastered Bonus Disc:

  1. Cloud Zero (4:40)
  2. The Joke's On You (4:17)
  3. Navigator (4:49)
  4. Rainy Taxy (6:50)
  5. Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (9:36)


PT's second album, from 1993, and the one which established the band's sound. Though still mainly an all-Steven Wilson effort, future PT band members Richard Barbieri (ex-Japan) and Colin Edwin appear on the title track. This album has longer, better-developed songs and a more advanced approach than its predecessor had. Wilson used synths and rhythm machines quite extensively here, giving rise to comparisons with Ozric Tentacles (and even some dark techno in places), though much of this album is lengthy, very lush musical soundscapes with occasional rock hooks and vocal. This CD is a 1997 reissue, with better packaging and a longer booklet than some earlier CDs apparently had.

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