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  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Community Development Manager, Entertainment
  • I am Female
  • Bio Love of The Beatles, Palestrina, Sharon Jones, Black Mirror, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Game of Thrones.
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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    Have you been reminiscing lately about the amazing music from the fierce singer/songwriter women of the 90s? I certainly have. So I'm excited to report that on April 14th, Rhino will release 2-CD Deluxe Editions of Tori Amos's classic albums Little Earthquakes & Under The Pink. Each record is newly remastered and paired with an entire disc of rare B-sides and bonus tracks. The remastered versions of both albums will also be released on vinyl.

    To celebrate, check out this live recording of “Winter”! If you are not familiar with Tori Amos through her cover tunes, you are missing out, so also take a listen to her cover of Nirvana (band)'s "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    Well this is going to be interesting: Billboard announced today that Baz Luhrmann, director of films like "The Great Gatsby " and "Moulin Rouge !" is partnering with Sony Music's RCA Records on a custom label, Bazmark. This label will be dedicated to releasing music from Luhrmann's film, TV and theater projects, as well as signing new artists and acquiring rights to recordings.

    "My current work is all music-driven, and all of it requires classics or new music artists," says Luhrmann, 52, whose stage version of "Strictly Ballroom" opened in Australia on Jan. 17. "I'm going to try to build a home that has a great foundation, and I hope it has longevity. I would feel useful if just one or two artists found their creative road through the home …

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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    Hey, Music Lovers!

    If you're reading this then hopefully you've visited Wikia’s Music Hub . Wikia’s hubs -- there are seven in all -- are a daily curated source of amazing content from all around Wikia’s superfan communities.

    Everyday on the Music Hub, we highlight great things from Wikia’s numerous music communities, including the Music Wiki.

    We love all the great content on the Music Wiki, and would like to join forces with you by merging the Music Wiki and Wikia’s Music Hub.

    The merged Music Hub would have the same great content that the Music Wiki does today. What would change? The home page would be changed to look like Wikia’s existing Music Hub, and there may be other minor design changes meant to bring the design more closely in line w…

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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    Hey Music fans!

    Are you fans of good sountracks? What about making awesome playlists? Well we love the Hunger Games soundtracks and are totally excited that Lorde will be curating the soundtrack for the third Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Pt 1. Since we won't be able to hear what she chooses for another month or so, we thought we'd ask what YOU'D put on the soundtrack. 

    We're going to be putting together a YouTube playlist with YOUR suggestions and then vote on our favorite tracks. All you have to do is click over to our post on Wikia's Music Hub and enter a song title, the name of the song and a YouTube url in the comments.

    Click here for the Mockingjay Pt. 1 Soundtrack post

    We'll be taking song submissions until October 15th.

    Thank you!

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