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Well this is going to be interesting: Billboard announced today that Baz Luhrmann, director of films like "The Great Gatsby " and "Moulin Rouge !" is partnering with Sony Music's RCA Records on a custom label, Bazmark. This label will be dedicated to releasing music from Luhrmann's film, TV and theater projects, as well as signing new artists and acquiring rights to recordings.

"My current work is all music-driven, and all of it requires classics or new music artists," says Luhrmann, 52, whose stage version of "Strictly Ballroom" opened in Australia on Jan. 17. "I'm going to try to build a home that has a great foundation, and I hope it has longevity. I would feel useful if just one or two artists found their creative road through the home we're about to build."

Will the public notice a difference with this new arrangement, or is it really JUST a business deal? Recently we also got the news that Luhrmann is going to be unveiling his own music-centered drama series set in New York in the late 1970s on Netflix called "The Get Down ".

Whatever the result will be, we can count on one thing: Luhrmann will continue telling stories that are candy for the eyes and ears.

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