Hey, Music Lovers!

If you're reading this then hopefully you've visited Wikia’s Music Hub . Wikia’s hubs -- there are seven in all -- are a daily curated source of amazing content from all around Wikia’s superfan communities.

Everyday on the Music Hub, we highlight great things from Wikia’s numerous music communities, including the Music Wiki.

We love all the great content on the Music Wiki, and would like to join forces with you by merging the Music Wiki and Wikia’s Music Hub.

The merged Music Hub would have the same great content that the Music Wiki does today. What would change? The home page would be changed to look like Wikia’s existing Music Hub, and there may be other minor design changes meant to bring the design more closely in line with the Music Hub. We plan to carried out this merger by Friday, February 6th.

Please let us know by Wednesday, January 28th what questions, concerns or comments you might have about this merger in the comments section.

Thanks so much, we love this Wikia!

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