i am awesome minecraft is to so yea

Welcome to the Music Wiki, Your Subculture Soundtrack!

Hello nikki! Welcome to the Music Wiki, Your Subculture Soundtrack! We are an online free encyclopedia about music. We hope you enjoy contributing to our site!

If you're new to Wiki sites then read this, and if you're new to us then please read below.

  • You can start off at Recent Changes, where you can monitor and modify edits made by our users!
  • You can participate in our daily tasks on our official To-Do List, the lists are divided in divisions and participants, statuses, and objectives are also included.
  • Administrators are trusted users that are given special rights for the maintenance and for the good will of the wiki. You can become one of them once you work harder and become trusted by the community.

Please read our Manual of Styles and Community Guidelines to avoid having issues.

If you need anything, please go to the help desk, have fun!

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