• Eylan Katharine Leto

    I was born of the womb of a poisonous man Beaten and broken and chased from the land But I rise up above it, high up above it and see I was hung from the tree made of tongues of the weak The branches were bones of liars and thieves Rise up above it, high up above and see

    Pray to your god, open your heart Whatever you do, don't be afraid of the dark Cover your eyes, the devil inside

    [Chorus] One night of the hunter One day I will get revenge One night to remember One day it'll all just end, oh Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh

    (Un, deux, trois, cinq) Blessed by a bitch from a bastard's seed Pleasure to meet you but prepare to bleed Rise, I'll rise, I'll rise Skinned her alive, ripped her apart Scattered her ashes, buried her heart Ris…

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