• Goononthetrack

    Why submit to Pandora? Hmm let's see!

    Pandora is hands down the most used music radio station and can get your music some great exposure. Exposure is the first step to connecting with potential fans and industry professionals. Plus Pandora is a free way to get your music heard by the masses. Now some artists have neglected to use Pandora because they do not have the required UPC code or a listing of their CD on So first off lets talk about killing those two birds with a paper clip. Ok, you might be wondering "how am I gone kill two birds with a paper clip?" Well if you're a trained ninja assassin like myself then...

    But seriously, back on topic! :)

    So to get over that first obsticle, start off by using Amazon's Create Space sercive …

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  • Goononthetrack

    So you have written some great music and would like to sell your songs to artists who are looking for great material, but you are unsure of how to go about it. Well this post will hopefully give you a little insight on how to get your music to the right people who can "do something" with it.

    The most likely person who would listen to your music and promote it to artists would be a song publisher. Song publishers function as agents for songs and songwriters. Getting a song publisher to accept your song into their roster will guarantee you the efforts of someone pitching your songs to their music industry contacts.  If you are consistent with writing quality songs, they may even offer you a development deal or a staff writer position which wo…

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