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As the holidays draw closer and the jingles fill the air, we here at Wikia celebrate as well with our very own "12 Days of Guilt"! Every day, starting today, we will showcase 12 of the most embarrassing, catchiest, most famous, or most entertaining Guilty Pleasure songs by theme. Today's theme is: DANCE


We've all heard them, we've all danced to them, and it seems as if the perfect combination of steps and beat come together to create the entries of this list. You and the world laugh at first and roll your eyes within seconds of hearing them, but it isn't long until resistance is futile and you join in the hipshaking, hand swinging fun. The following are those classic tunes that may not be masterpieces, but their legendary dance associations are more than enough to bring up the mood. Click the link to view and vote for the Top 12 Guilty Pleasure Dance Songs:


1. The Hustle

2. Thriller

3. Stayin' Alive

4. Macarena

5. Vogue

6. Twist and Shout

7. Walk Like an Egyptian

8. Jump On It

9. Robot Rock

10.Greased Lightning

11.Ketchup song

12.What is Love?

Don't agree? Think there are better toe tapping, groove bustin' songs out there? Let us know in the comments below!

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