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As the holidays draw closer and the jingles fill the air, we here at Wikia celebrate as well with our very own "12 Days of Guilt"! Every day, starting today, we will showcase 12 of the most embarrassing, catchiest, most famous, or most entertaining Guilty Pleasure songs by theme. Today's theme is: Funny Songs!


Feeling like busting a gut? There's nothing like hearing the unexpected lyrics in an otherwise harmless sounding song that throws you right over the line to funny-town. Some intentional, some just asking for it, these songs leave you breathless and crying...with laughter. Click the link to view and vote for the Top 12 Guilty Pleasure Funny Songs:


1. The Humans Are Dead

2. Informer

3. Tribute

4. Loser

5. Chanakuh

6. Pretty Fly For A White Guy

7. Roses

8. Bonafied Lovin

9. Rock Lobster

10.4 Chords

11.Surfin' Bird

12.Jack Sparrow

Don't agree? Did these songs leave you stone-faced with disillusion? Let us know in the comments below!

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