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Kim Taehyung (born December 30, 1995), better known by his stage name, V, is a South Korean idol singer. He is a member of the South Korean hip-hop boy band, Bangtan Boys (also known as Bulletproof Boy Scouts), formed by the Big Hit Entertainment.[1][2] He debuted on June 12, 2013, along with his group's first single No more Dream.[3][4]

Early life Edit

V was born in Daegu, South Korea. He lived there throughout almost all his life, before being scouted by his current label company. He is the eldest child in his family, with one younger sister and one younger brother. He had no interest in becoming a singer during his childhood days, but did learn to play the saxophone from the time he was in 7th grade.

Pre Debut Edit

V was scouted whilst walking around the Big Hit academy building. It was there where he was spotted by a rookie group development personnel, who then encouraged V to try-out for the entertainment group. But, as he did not have the intention, nor the permission from his parents to audition, V declined. However, seeing promise in V, that same worker took the initiative to call V's parents, persuading him to reconsider trying out for Big Hit. After successfully completing and passing rigorous auditions, he was then selected by the company to begin training. Though it was a sudden audition, V was able to succeed as the only contestant from his hometown Daegu to have successfully passed. Before debuting, he trained for two and a half years with Bangtan, and also contributed his voice in many of the group's pre-debut mixtapes. He also appeared in his company senior Jo Kwon's music video for Im Da One.

Debut and Bangtan Boys activities Edit

The name V was chosen by the Bangtan Boys' producer Bang Si Hyuk and his fellow members as a symbol of their "Victory". He debuted along with his other members at M! Countdown with their title song: No More Dream on June 13, 2013. Before the group's debut, netizens had originally thought that Bangtan would be a six member group, as V was kept a secret during almost all pre-debut activity. It was only through promotional image teasers released just before debuting where V was announced as the 7th member of Bangtan Boys. His first image teaser was released on June 2, 2013.[5] After debut, they quickly garnered popularity, and V became the first member to have a fansite dedicated to him.[6][7][8][8][9][10]

TV series/showEdit

Year Title Network Role Note
2013 Rookie King: Bangtan SBS MTV Himself Reality Show

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