Valentine's Day (No Fairytale)
by Amanda Clark
Released February 6, 2013
Recorded January 2013
Genre SInger/Songwriter, R&B
Length 1:53
Language English
Label Logan Sherrill
Amanda Clark chronology
Valentine's Day (No Fairytale) - Single Valentine's Day (No Fairytale) [A Capella] - Single

"Valentine's Day (No Fairytale)" is the first single released by Amanda Clark.


The song was recorded sometime during January of 2013, then later released right before Valentine's Day. In the song, Amanda describes about how relationships aren't perfct, but they can last. The piano in the song was a public domain piece written and recorded by Kevin MacLeod, that was cut from 15:44 to 1:53 to fit the song lyrics which were written by Clark herself.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Valentine's Day (No Fairytale)

A Capella ReleaseEdit

On April 4, 2013, an A Capella version of the song was released.

Further ReadingEdit

"Valentine's Day (No Fairytale) on iTunes

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