Vano Muradeli Ilyich (Georgian: ვანო მურადელი; Russian: Вано Ильич Мурадели), born as Ivan Ilyich Lenin Muradov or Hovhannes Mouradian, (Gori6 april1908 (the Julian calendar24 March) – Tomsk14 August 1970) was aSoviet-Russian - Georgian composer and conductor. His parents Ilya Petrovich Muradov (1864-1944) and Helen Zakharovna Muradov were coming from Armenia.


[hide]*1 early life

Life Course[Edit]Edit

Muradeli was born in the same city as a youth, Joseph Stalin and a convinced Stalinist. He also alternated his surname as patriot, to put it in terms of sound closer to the name Dzhugashvili, the original name of Joseph Stalin, bring. He now Muradeli. He studied at the State Conservatory of Tbilisi at C. Barkhudarijan (composition) and m.m. Bagrinovski (orchestral conducting), where he graduated in 1931. From 1934 to 1938, he studied composition at the Moscow Conservatory (Russian: Государственная Консерватория им Bc. П. И. Чайковского) in Moscow by Nikolai Myaskovsky and Boris s. Schechter (1900-1961). During theSecond World War from 1942 to 1944 he was Artistic Director of the Central ensemble of the Russian Navy.

In 1946 he was awarded the Stalin Prize. His opera The great friendship was by the censorship on the basis of the resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union prohibited. After Stalin's death he celebrated successes again, was again a member of the Federation of Soviet composers and was distinguished as people's artist of the Soviet Union in 1968. After his death he was buried in Moscow on the Novodevichy cemeteryat the Novodevichy monastery , that should.


Works for Orchestra[Edit]Edit


  • 1938 Symphony No. 1-in memory of Kirov
  • 1944 Rev.1945 Symphony No. 2 in D major

Other works for Orchestra[Edit]Edit

  • 1939 Georgian dance suite
  • 1940 festive Overture for the 50th anniversary of Molotov
  • 1950 The Road of Victory, symphonic poem for chorus and Orchestra

Works for wind Orchestra[Edit]Edit

  • Mars 1941 , for mixed choir and wind Orchestra


  • Our Leader1939 Cantata on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Joseph Stalin for soloists, mixed choir and Orchestra
  • 1959 Together For Ever, Cantata for female voice, mixed choir and Orchestra
  • 1960 Lenin is Among Us, Cantata for bass, mixed chorus and Orchestra

Music Theatre[Edit]Edit


Completed in title acts Premiere libretto

2nd version: 1960

Velikaya družba (The great friendship) 4 companies 28 september1947Perm;

2nd version: 1970Ordzhonikidze

Georgiy Mdivani to lyrics by j. Stremin and e. Iodkovsky
1950-1961 Oktjabr ' (October) Prologue and 3 acts 1964Moscow Lugovskoj Vladimir and Viktor Vinnikov


Completed in title acts Premiere libretto
1965 Devuška s golubymi glazami (the girl with the blue eyes) 1966Volgograd Viktor Vinnikov
1968 Moskva-Pariž-Moskva (Moscow-Paris-Moscou) 1970, Moscow Viktor Vinnikov

Vocal music[Edit]Edit

Works for choir[Edit]Edit

  • Zdravitza 1941 , for mixed choir and Orchestra


  • 1940 Song on the Youth or Stalin, for voice and Orchestra
  • 1941 Song-toast, in honor of Joseph Stalin
  • 1949 anthem for the International Union of students -text: l. Oshanin
  • 1950 Moscow-Beijing
  • Legendary Sevastopol 1954 -text: p. Gradov
  • 1958 Cranes
  • 1959 - Buchenwald alarm text: a. Sobelev
  • 1963 March for the astronauts -text: e. Dolmatovskij
  • Anthem on Moscow -text: a. Kovalenko

Film Music[Edit]Edit

  • The Fergana-Canal
  • Honour
  • The Mountains of Fatusiva


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