Artist: Ladyman

Date Released: October 12, 2004

Label: Agriculture

Produced By:



With the artist name, Ladyman, and the album name, Viagra Opus, I initially expected to here some Har Mar-esque love ballads. Much too my surprise, Ladyman, aka Badawi, creates completely dubbed out reggae and dancehall ditties. The album consists of 18 2-minute songs that could quite possibly grind you out of those tight jeans. In the dub tradition, groove-able reggae and dancehall rhythms are processed through a number of effects (mostly delay) and layered with hook-laden horns and solid bass lines that take center stage on more than one occasion. While Ladyman is no King Tubby, this is the first new dub music I have heard in a while, and I am digging it. So loosen your belt, light that spliff and let Ladyman take over for a while. Mpardaiolo