Vinsted is an acoustic pop group from Frankfurt on Main, Germany

History Edit

The band established in 2012 by Vincent Matschenko, Stephan brecht and Ediz Yalcin. After the label Enfants Terribles took attention of Vinsted, the band recorded and released their first songs on this label.

The band became a local name in Frankfurt and Rhein-Main area where they played a bunch of concerts.

Ediz Yalcin left the band and his successor was Paul Koester. Paul left the band after five months. Ediz joined the band again after receiving the news of Paul leaving the band. Later, the band decided to go on without Ediz again. The new drummer Marcel Hochstrasser was introduced on 22 january 2014. Their last release so far was Alles und Nichts (all and nothing).

Discography Edit

  • Philosophen (2012, Enfants Terribles) (Single)
  • Philosophen EP (2013, Enfants Terribles) (EP)
  • Alles und Nichts (2014, self-released [?]) (Single)

Weblinks Edit

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