Vladislav Yakovlev (In Russian language: Владислав Яковлев, Moscow, Russia, 3 August 1980)[1] is the Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision Young Musicians contest and Eurovision Young Dancers on behalf of the European Broadcasting Union.

He studied languages (English, Chinese and Italian) at the International Slavonic University of Moscow before working for two major Russian TV channels: Channel One Russia and RTR (now part of VGTRK).[2]

In 2009, when the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Moscow, Vladislav Yakovlev was appointed as Deputy Executive of the Contest. This role opened him the doors of the European Broadcasting Union. He joined it in 2010.

After joining the European Broadcasting Union, he was appointed as responsible for the Eurovision Young Dancers 2011,[3] which had not taken place since 2005. He organized it successfully in Oslo, Norway and did it again in 2013 (Eurovision Young Dancers 2013)[4] in Gdansk, Poland.[5] After the Young Dancers competition in Oslo, he was given the opportunity to organize the Eurovision Young Musicians 2012, which took place in Vienna, Austria[6] and will take place again in Cologne, Germany on the 31st May 2014.[7]

Following the achievements of coordinating these internationally-recognised events, Vladislav Yaklovev took the challenge of being the Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013[8] that took place in Kiev, Ukraine on the 30th November 2013 [9] and he is working already on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 that will take place in Malta.[10]

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