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Language Korean, English
Label FNC Entertainment
CNBLUE chronology
Now or Never

Voice is CNBLUE's second Japanese mini-album. Y, Why is the only song which is not English. Y, Why is a Japanese song which was released as a Korean song in their first Korean mini-album, Bluetory.

Track listEdit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Voice"  Daichi Youwhich 4:09
2. "Wanna Be Like U"  秋水, Tony Nilsson 3:47
3. "Never Too Late"  이종현, 張秀榮, CUL 4:04
4. "Y, Why"  정용화, Ryo-ta Rukuoka 3:54
5. "One Of a Kind"  秋水, Mattias Hakansson 4:06

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