Walking in the Rain is a song, written by the duo Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil in collaboration with Phil Spector. It was first recorded in 1964 by the American girl group The Ronettes led by Phil Spector. Later it was also recorded by others, including The Walker Brothers and Jay and the Americans.

The I-figure from the song dreams about the loved one who he or she will ever find and the things they will do together – such as walking through the rain.


[hide]*1 version of The Ronettes

Version of The Ronettes[Edit]Edit

Walking in the Rain
Single from:

The Ronettes

B-side (s) How Does It Feel?
Released October 1964
Type of carrier 7 "
Recording 1964
Genre Rhythm-and-blues
Duration 3: 16
Tag 123 ( Deon Records[1]),

London 9931 (HLU[2])

Writer (s) Barry MannCynthia WeilPhil Spector
Producer (s) Phil Spector
Position (s) in the charts
  1. 23 (United States)
The Ronettes
Do I Love You?(1964) Walking in the Rain (1964) Born to Be Together (1965)
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The version of The Ronettes was released as a single in October 1964 and took out the 23rd place in the Billboard Hot 100. [1the song is the only production of Spector who ever nominated for a Grammy Award. That was the sound effects by Larry Levine, the recording engineer who worked on the recordings. The rain and Thunder in the background sound real.

Version of The Walker Brothers[Edit]Edit

Walking in the Rain
Single from:

The Walker Brothers

B-side (s) Baby Make It the Last Time
Released may 1967
Type of carrier 7 "
Recording 1967
Genre Softrock
Duration 3: 31
Tag Philips BF 1576 ([4])
Writer (s) Barry MannCynthia WeilPhil Spector
Producer (s) Johnny Franz
Position (s) in the charts
  1. 26 (United Kingdom)
The Walker Brothers
Stay with Me Baby (1967) Walking in the Rain (1967) No Regrets(1975)
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The Walker Brothers names the song in 1967 on, weather with rain and Thunder, and released it as a single from. The plate brought out the 26th place in the UK Singles Chart, the British hit parade. [2it was the last album that the group brought out before they disbanded. Back in 1975, there were plates of the Group: the lp No Regrets and the eponymous single.

Version of Jay and the Americans[Edit]Edit

Walkin' in the Rain
Single from:

Jay and the Americans

From the album:

Wax Museum, vol. 1

B-side (s) For the Love of a Lady
Released november 1969
Type of carrier 7 "
Recording 1969
Genre Rock
Duration 2: 49
Tag United Artists 50605[6])
Writer (s) Barry MannCynthia WeilPhil Spector
Position (s) in the charts
  1. 19 (United States)
Jay and the Americans
When You Dance (1969) Walkin' in the Rain (1969) Capture the Moment (1970)
Order on ''Wax Museum, vol. 1 ''

Walkin' in the Rain (2: 49)


Do I Love You? (2: 27)

Portal  [7]   Music

Jay and the Americans took the song for their album Wax Museum, vol. 1, this time without sound effects and under a slightly different title: Walkin' in the Rain. The number came as single in november 1969, a few months before the album, released in February 1970. The single was the last plate of the group that took out the Top 20 and reached the 19th place in the Billboard Hot 100. [3]

Other versions[Edit]Edit

Walking in the Rain of the Tribute To The Cats Band is a different number. Be equal:

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