Artist: The Winter Pageant

Date Released: 2004

Label: self-released

Produced By:


  1. Waxing Incomplete
  2. Chandelier
  3. Identical
  4. ...A Slow Increasing
  5. When It Cuts
  6. Take Desire
  7. Pans Thieves


Self releasing an album is risky. Nothing helps your band more than being on a respectable label that will not only push your albums to the masses but also innately link you to all the bands on their particular roster. It does wonders for your fan base. So when you self-release an album, like The Winter Pageant, one question always comes to my mind, with the thousands of labels out there, why does no one want this album? The Winter Pageant creates lush and brooding shoegaze with pop and prog tendencies. As you would expect from a shoegaze band, each emotional tone is heavily echoed and sounds atmospherically gigantic. The tracks with vocals lean more towards a poppy slowcore sound, but not enough so to be classified in that genre. I really like the production quality of the album; it is no where near perfect, but just enough for the band to sound like they are playing right in your living room. It is an overall success for the band, especially for a self-released album. Hopefully some label will take notice and give the band the publicity it needs. Mpardaiolo

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