Wannabe is a 1996 single release and the first release ever by British girl group Spice Girls.

Music videoEdit

The video features the group running, singing, dancing and creating mischief at an eccentric bohemian party at the Midland Grand Hotel in St Pancras, London. Among their antics is Chisholm's back handspring on one of the tables. The original concept for the video was a one-take shoot of the group arriving at an exotic building in Barcelona but Camitz was unable to get the permission.

The video won Best Dance Video at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards, and Best Video at the 1997 Comet Media Awards It was also nominated for Best British Video at the 1997 BRIT Awards, and ranked at number forty-one in the Top 100 Pop Videos of all time by Channel 4.


Country peak
Flag of Australia Australia 1
Flag of Austria Austria 2
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Flanders) 1
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Wallony) 1
Flag of Finland Finland 1
Flag of France France 1
Flag of Germany Germany 1
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 1
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 1
Flag of Norway Norway 1
Flag of Sweden Sweden 1
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 1
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 1
Flag of the United States United States 1

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