War Child is an album by English rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1974. The album is written as music for a film that Ian Anderson wanted to make. John Cleese had already pledged to work with the Director, Bryan Forbes , and would do the choreography Frederick Ashton . This project was cancelled, but the music is released.

It is a thematic sequel to A Passion Play, but musically speaking, switching back to numbers of normal duration.

Bungle In The Jungle , was completely against the odds, a big summer hit in America. Anderson's inspiration for this title came from a boxing match between Muhammad Aliand George Foreman on 30 October 1974, which was called The Rumble in the Jungle because it took place in KinshasaZaire(former). Anderson announced on stage the song also known as Rumble In the bathroom.


  1. War Child
  2. Queen And Country
  3. Ladies
  4. Back-Door Angels
  5. Sealion
  6. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
  7. Bungle In The Jungle
  8. Only Solitaire
  9. The Third Hoorah
  10. Two Fingers
  11. War Child Waltz ¹
  12. Quartet ¹
  13. Paradise Steakhouse ¹
  14. Sealion II ¹
  15. Rainbow Blues ¹
  16. Glory Row ¹
  17. Saturation ¹

¹ Bonus numbers on the Digital ' Remastered ' version.

Line up[Edit]Edit

Guest Musician:

  • David Palmer (arrangement for Orchestra)
  • Philharmusica London (Orchestra)

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