Founded: b. 1947 - d. 2003

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Website Link(s): Official Site




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Perhaps best known for his late 1970s hit "Werewolves Of London," Warren Zevon started his musical career about a decade earlier with a stint in the duo lyme and cybelle in the mid 60s, and an unsuccessful debut album in 1969. After spending several years as a backup player for the Everly Brothers, Zevon finally established himself in the LA music scene and attracted the attention of contemperaries such as Jackson Browne and The Eagles, who were instrumental in helping to re-launch his solo career. His self-titled "second debut" album was released in 1976, and along with 1978's Excitable Boy, brought critical and popular success for his often dark, sometimes eccentric, brand of songwriting. His final album was The Wind, completed and released months before his death from cancer in 2003.





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