OFF! - Wasted Years
Studio album by Off!
Released April 8, 2014
Recorded December 2013-January 2014 at The Whiskey Kitchen
Genre Hardcore punk
Label Vice
Producer Dimitri Coats
Off! chronology
Wasted Years

Wasted Years is the third album by the band Off! It is was released on April 8, 2014 by Vice Records. As with their previous albums, it features 16 tracks.[1]

As with the previous OFF! releases, the cover art is credited to Raymond Pettibon.

The band recorded 19 songs,[2] leaving three off of the album. "In Your Arms" appears as a digital bonus track for the album,[3][4] and a 7" released on Record Store Day 2014 features "Learn to Obey" backed by "I See Through You".[5][6] The first song from the album, "Void You Out", was premiered by Rolling Stone on January 22, 2014.[7]

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Void You Out"   1:10
2. "Red White and Black"   1:37
3. "Legion of Evil"   1:20
4. "No Easy Escape"   1:05
5. "Over Our Heads"   1:43
6. "Hypnotized"   2:15
7. "It Didn't Matter to Me"   1:28
8. "Exorcised"   1:25
9. "Death Trip on the Party Train"   1:13
10. "I Won't Be a Casualty"   1:16
11. "All I Can Grab"   1:14
12. "Time's Not On Your Side"   1:37
13. "Meet Your God"   1:40
14. "Mr. Useless"   1:07
15. "You Must Be Damned"   1:50
16. "Wasted Years"   1:18
17. "In Your Arms" (digital bonus track) 1:27



Artwork and packaging

  • Raymond Pettibon – artwork


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Music videosEdit

OFF! - "Void You Out" (OFFicial Video)

OFF! - "Void You Out" (OFFicial Video)

OFF! - "Hypnotized" (OFFicial Video)

OFF! - "Hypnotized" (OFFicial Video)

OFF! - "Red White and Black" (OFFicial Video)

OFF! - "Red White and Black" (OFFicial Video)

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Off! Discography
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