Artist: The New Trust

Date Released: September 21, 2004 (recorded 2003)

Label: Slowdance

Produced By:


  1. This Invitation has Meant the World to Me
  2. Don't Even Get Me Started on Jebus
  3. All Things are Moving Toward Their End
  4. Crashed Out
  5. I Thought that We Getting Together
  6. I'm a Sucker for Backwards Drums
  7. Live You Mean It
  8. When the Bombs Go Off


Never has an album (or EP in this case) been so aptly titled. The New Trust’s We Are Fast-Moving Motherfuckers. We Are Women and Men of Action is 8 tracks of upbeat and catchy as hell indie-rock that clocks in at around 18 min. Averaging at about 2 minutes a piece, each song is a raw combination of guitar hooks, simple, yet effective bass lines, snare/cymbal patterns and slightly punk-y vocals that express concerns about religion, politics, death and relationships (but not in a diluting way). The band features members of new-to-the scene acts including The Velvet Teen, Benton Falls and Transistor Transistor; and this EP, which is actually a re-release, has been added to the up and coming Slowdance catalog. If you dig fast-paced and fun indie-rock that is as intelligent as it is catchy, you will love The New Trust. Mpardaiolo

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