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"We Belong to the Sea" is the thirteenth single released by the Scandinavian dance-pop group Aqua from Aquarius. Released in November 2000 and taken from the album Aquarius, the song was similar to the 1998 hit "Turn Back Time", although had far more limited success due to being released only in Scandinavia and mainland Europe. Following the release, the group disbanded in mid-2001, making the song their final release. The song had limited success, performing best in Scandinavia where the group had done well since the beginning. The video featured Lene Nystrøm Rasted stealing René Dif in the form of a goldfish, and later releasing him into the sea. A shark fin then appears in the water, implying Rene's death and possibly also that of Aqua as a group.

Track listingEdit


  1. We Belong To The Sea (Radio Edit) [04:16]
  2. We Belong To The Sea (Love To Infinity's Classic Radio Mix) [03:14]

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