Artist: The Mountain Goats

Date Released: February 2004

Label: 4AD

Produced By: John Vanderslice


  1. Slow West Vultures
  2. Palmcorder Yajna
  3. Linda Blair Was Born Innocent
  4. Letter From Belgium
  5. The Young Thousands
  6. Your Belgian Things
  7. Mole
  8. Home Again Garden Grove
  9. All Up The Seething Coast
  10. Quito
  11. Cotton
  12. Against Pollution
  13. Pigs That Ran Straightaway Into The Water, Triumph Of


K. Thor Jensen recommended The Mountain Goats to me, and my first exposure was from the CD that came in the fourteenth issue of The Believer, which featured "Palmcorder Yajna" from this album. I loved it, and Thor sent me a link to download "No Children" from Tallahassee. This song was also great, so I decided to pick up one of the albums. Thor recommended Nothing For Juice, All Hail West Texas or Full Force Galesburg, but I could only find We Shall All Be Healed so I got that one instead. I'm very glad I did. This is probably the most recently purchased CD on this list, but I've been listening to it every day since I've got it, which is a pretty good sign. I'm going to pick up more albums soon so I don't get burned out on this one, because I love it. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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