Artist: The Knife

Album: Silent Shout

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: Janet sent me this link last night as I went to bed, so I decided to watch it in the morning. It is now the morning (I put in for today off, so, hooray for that—and it also turns out it's the 24 hours of SpongeBob marathon, which I SWEAR is not the reason I wanted the day off, but if anyone asks, that's totally what I'm going to say.) It's a pretty cool video from The Knife, for "We Share Our Mother's Health". The song itself is a little like early-Ween with a bit of Residents and Renaldo & The Loaf and all sorts of other bands. I'm surprised that the one that I saw was an MTV2 capture, just because it's sort of... out there, and MTV doesn't typically cotton to weird/good music. But even a stopped clock's right twice a day or something, and since it sounds like they're not gonna renew Wonder Showzen, they've gotta have something else to be right about, I suppose. Truthfully, I'd rather have more Wonder Showzen than this video, but you gotta take them as they come.

As for the Knife, I don't know a whole lot about them. My friend Lindsey gave me a burn of Deep Cuts a little while ago, mentioning the Ween-sound, and also that they're apparently a brother/sister combo from Sweden who go around in various masks. I'm not sure if they're anonymous or just the Daft Punk type of anonymous where everyone knows their names but you never see their faces. I thought originally that they only wore Luchadore masks, but I saw another picture where they were wearing cool bird mask things. So, I guess they're open. I should really get around to picking up one of their records for real. Like maybe this one, Silent Shout! -Rev. Syung Myung Me

Video Link


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