Founded: 1984

Headquarters: New Hope, PA

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Formed in 1984, the Ween brothers (actually not brothers and named Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo) met in a junior high typing class and made records to amuse each other and their friends. After self-releasing a bunch of cassettes, they got signed to Twin/Tone and did their first record. Shortly after, they got signed to Shimmy Disc and picked up by Elektra, with whom they had a series of College Hits (and even some mainstream success). One of their most divisive albums is 12 Golden Country Greats (the title refers to the number of players on the album, not the number of songs, which is 10), recorded with a bunch of old-school Nashville guys. One of the Ween things is to do at least one song in every genre, and they have done very well with their goal, drifting effortlessly (on the same record!) between Punk, Pop, Baroque, Southern Rock, Soul, Funk and whathaveyou. There are rumors that in 2005, Gene Ween went into rehab. However he and Dean Ween have kept personal matters appropriately private. The band has been relentlessly touring to date, in support of their newest studio album, La Cucaracha.





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