Label: Unschooled

Produced By:


  1. Books on Tape - Of Chaos Comes Beauty
  2. Doofgoblin - Tseleighbelles
  3. Kettel - The Tree that Got Fired
  4. Rebokoneko - Smile and Dream
  5. Miles Tilmann - Circles Everywhere
  6. Quantazelle - Joy Diversion
  7. Tim Koch - Macrome
  8. Rusuden - Soft Launch
  9. Decomposure - ...Shrugged
  10. Plat - Ten More Logic Fibs
  11. Disjunction Reunion - VB
  12. Katastatik - I Love You Totally (But I Love Me More)
  13. A Bit Crusher - Cookies for All
  14. Telesma - The New Thing
  15. Headphone Science - Ilaria
  16. Ampop - (re)Made for Market (Plat Remix)

As it says on the front cover of this album, this is a benefit for the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster. All, not portions, of the monies received for the album will go towards relief efforts. So with the important stuff out of the way, this is a compilation of mostly IDM artists with a slew of folktronica artists and beat junkies round out the album. The biggest fault in IDM albums is that within the electronic jumble of an album there are only a few stand-out tracks, but with a compilation like this, you only get the stand-out ones from a variety of artists, lucky you. The overall music on the album is very good and well produced; it almost could be one cohesive record. A few notable artists are L.A. super-showman Books on Tape, multi-instrumental duo Plat and the Dutch organic/electronic wunderkind Kettel. Play this album and make sure you mention the cause and drop the website, Mpardaiolo

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