"West End girls" is the first single by the Pet Shop Boys. It was the first song that Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe ever released on record. It was also their first worldwide hit. It is a synthpop number, with a form of rap. The text is based on a poem by T.S. EliotThe Waste Land .

"West End girls" was released as a single. The first version of the song was produced by Bobby Orlando and in 1984 released on different labels in different countries. It was not a great success, apart from a few outliers. So knew this version number 17 to reach in the BRT Top 30 in Belgium.

Flopped after a second single (One more chance) and arguing about the duo broke contracts with Bobby Orlando, and they signed a contract withParlophone. Once again, after a not very successful single (Opportunities (let's make lots of money), which likewise would be released twice) wasWest End girls released again at the end of 1985 . For this occasion, the song was re-recorded with producer Stephen Hague. The rate was lowered, there was text added and the disco beats of Orlando were replaced by a completely different backing track. The result was a worldwide hit, with number 1 positions in the United Kingdom and the United States.

In 1987 would be the number one Brit Award for best single received. In 2005 , the song was voted Song of the Decade between the years 1985 and 1994, by the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters.


[hide]*1 First Edition (1984)

First Edition (1984)[Edit]Edit


Bobby Orlando met Neil Tennant in 1983, when he for his then-employer (music magazine Smash Hits) was sent to New York to interview Sting .Neil left Orlando offered to hear some demos, which Orlando numbers for the Pet Shop Boys to produce.

In 1984 three songs the duo took on with Orlando, at Unique Studios in New York. It concerned, "West End girls" Opportunities (let's make lots of money) and One more chance. Orlando played most of the instruments in the song. Chris Lowe played a chord and the bass line. The number included a drum sample from Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.

This version is no video clip. Though there are countless (remix) versions. The European rights of shots with Bobby Orlando were bought by ZYX Music, a German record label that over the years has released more new mixes that have little to do with the original recordings, and also not under supervision of the Pet Shop Boys are made.


By West End girls released the following official versions, with the countless ZYX remixes does:

  • "West End girls" (7 "version) (4: 14)
  • "West End girls" (Nouvelle Version) (4: 10)
  • "West End girls" (Extended Mix) (7: 50)

The following versions are by Pet Shop Boys b-side appeared:

  • Pet Shop Boys (3: 59)
  • Pet Shop Boys (extended version) (5: 10)

Reissue (1985)[Edit]Edit


The second version of "West End girls" with producer Stephen Hague together was completely re-recorded. There were some textual adjustments, and the music was completely redesigned.


Of "West End girls" are the following official versions released:

  • "West End girls" (7 "mix) (3: 55)
  • "West End girls" (album version) (4: 45)
  • "West End girls" (Dance mix) (6: 31)
  • "West End girls" (Disco mix) (9: 04)
  • "West End girls" (Dub version) (9: 31)
  • "West End girls" (Shep Pettibone Mastermix) (8: 09)
  • "West End girls" (10 "mix) (7: 05)

The following versions of b side A man could get arrested appeared:

  • A man could get arrested (7 "Mix) (4: 50)
  • A man could get arrested (12 "Mix) (4: 09)
  • A man could get arrested (Remix) (4: 18)
  • A man could get arrested (Extended Mix) (5: 37)

Video clip[Edit]Edit

The video clip shows the Pet Shop Boys see walking through London . At the beginning of the number are to hear city sounds. The video was directed by Andy Morahan and Eric Watson.


7 inch[Edit]Edit

Release date: 4 november 1985 Parlophone 006-200922-7


  1. "West End girls" (3: 55)
  2. A man could get arrested (4: 50)

10 inch[Edit]Edit

Date of release: december 1985 Parlophone 10R 6115


  1. West End girls (10 mix) (7: 05)
  2. A man could get arrested (remix) (4: 18)

12 inch[Edit]Edit

Release date: 4 november 1985 Parlophone 060-200923-6


  1. "West End girls" (Dance mix) (6: 31)
  2. A man could get arrested (remix) (4: 18)
  3. West End girls (3: 55)


Date of release: January 1986 Parlophone 060-200998-6


  1. "West End girls" (Shep Pettibone Mastermix) (8: 09)
  2. "West End girls" (Dub version) (9: 31)
  3. A man could get arrested (remix) (4: 18)


"West End girls" in the Dutch Top 40 - inside: week 1 1986
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Number 35 23 12 7 4 4 3 7 8 18 35 from

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number with listing (s)

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
"West end girls" - 933 1346 1023 1458 1486 1979 1801 - 1852 1936 1864 1807 1764 1555


  • The 10 "mix of " West End girls " would be released on cd only in 2009 . At the British newspaper Mail on Sunday 8 March 2009 a free cd of the Pet Shop Boys included with among other things this mix on it.
  • "West End girls" was covered in 1993 by East 17.
  • The next official mixes of "West End girls" appeared over the years on various other Pet Shop Boys singles:
    • 1993: "West End girls" (Sasha remix) (7: 45)
    • 1993: "West End girls" (Sasha dub) (8: 16)
    • 2004: "West End girls" (DJ Hell Mix) (8: 39)
  • On 12 August 2012, the Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls" on with the song during the closing ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

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