Wet Paint Records
Founded 2014
Founder(s) Jimmy Anderson
Richard Alexanders
Genre(s) Hip-Hop, Pop, Rhythm and blues
Country of origin Template:Flag
Location Toronto, Ontario
Official website(s)

Wet Paint Records is a Canadian independent record label based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The music label was founded in 2014 by Jimmy Anderson and Richard Alexanders. This independent label offers a wide range of services including artist management, booking agency, video production, recording studio, and global market place distribution.[1] [2]


Formed in 2014 by Jimmy Anderson and Richard Alexanders, Wet Paint Records started as a grassroots movement that allowed underground artists to develop without the pressure of the major label world. The label secured national distribution in 2014 and quickly developed into the independent powerhouse it is today. Wet Paint currently markets and distributes its acts.

A majority of the label's revenue is generated via the internet as well as merchandising-booths at live performances. The label heavily relies on online marketing, word of mouth, and underground promotion techniques to work in tandem with releases in order to reach its audience.


Wet Paint Records strives to be a leading label in the global music marketplace and more importantly meet the many different demands of music consumers from around the globe. Wet Paint built long-lasting relationships with many worldwide music distributors in order to deliver its artists material worldwide. Wet Paint Records has partnered with Alliance Entertainment, Amazon, and Super D to get their acts the widest physical distribution coverage possible, distributing to over 15,000 stores worldwide and digitally distributing to the following music service platforms:

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