Artist: AJG

Date Released: 07/28/06

Label: NGRC Productions

Produced By: AJG


The 4th and final single from Tha AJG Mixtape by AJG. It is an unreleased cut by 2pac' along with other rappers Mopreme & Big Skye (noted as Ulgar & Martel). It also has an appearance by Prince Ital Joe who also was featured on 2pac's Hail Mary. The female vocals are unknown. Same with producer, writters, & mixers. This was the last track to be uploaded on NGRC's myspace page ( and it recieves 10-50 plays a day.

This was also premiered on The 5 Track Sampler for Tha AJG Mixtape along with:

Hard-Core Rhymin' (AJG Version)

Try 2 Diss Me

No Luv

and the promotional/b-side track 9-2-3-7-6  

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