• Allen:

I'm Bruce Allen Conley and I live in Olive Hill. And this is: Iggy, Joey, Ned, Pete, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Hat, Penny, Jack, Pianissimo, P-Pet, Pierre, V.I.N.CENT, BT, Glenny, Punchy, Yeast Monster, Aubrey, Cody, Paco, Timmy, Jimmy, Tree, Priscilla, Petunia, Pac-Man, Mr. Gackslapper, Hundred Dollar Bill, Mr. Wrong, Nerd, Trumpet Duck, Goose, Five, Peck, Jackie Khones, Oskar, Mad Scientist, Yellow-Like Friend, Kimberly, Squidward, Suitcase, Nerd Kid, Mr. Cheepers and now back to you guys.

  • Chorus:

So many characters in Olive Hill... many captures to see in the world... and this is a world live in... it's a planet where Allen came from...

  • Allen:

Here are some more... Principal Victora, Gnome, Rats, Barney Bear, Scary Barney, Peabo, Pat the Hammer,

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